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Best Grocery Deals of the Week Jun 28 to Jul 4

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Every week, we compare the grocery specials on different store flyers to find the best deals before heading out. Here are the deals we found for this week. They are normally effective from Friday, June 28, 2013 to Thursday, July 4, 2013 unless specified otherwise.


Scarborough/Markham and Kingston:

Food Basics – see flyer
Dempster’s White, 100% Whole Wheat or Smooth Multigrains Bread 675g – $1.97/ea
Blueberries Pint – 2 for $3
Cap Off Rib Steak Family Pack – $3.97/lb (Jun 27-30 only)
Selection Italian Style Sausages Family Pack – $1.99/lb
Coca-Cola or Pepsi 24 x 355ml – $5.97/pk
Nestle Parlour Ice Cream 1.5L, Dorgel Gelato 1.65L or Polar Bars 12’s – $2.44/pk
Allen’s Juice or Cocktail 1L, Oasis Juice 960L, Tropical Grove Drinks 960L – 99¢/ea
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter 454g – $1/ea
Stouffer’s or Lean Cuisine Entrees 170-340g, Bistro Cruistini 2 x 128g (frozen) – $1.99/ea
Quaker Harvett Crunch or Cap’n Crunch Cereal 350-560g – $2.49/ea
Kraft Salad Dressing 414-475ml, Diana Sauce 500ml, Bick’s Pickles 1L – $1.99/ea
Heinz Ketchup 1L, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 750-890ml – $2.99/ea
Mott’s Clamato Party Pack 2.54L – $3.44/ea


FreshCo – see flyer (Jun 27 to Jul 3) / Price Chopper – see flyer (Jun 27 to Jul 3)
D’Angelo Sunflower or Corn Oil 3L – $4.99/ea
Dempster’s Bagels 6’s – $1.99/pk
Dempster’s Thick Slice Soft Slice Bread 675g – $1.99/ea
Seedless Watermelon 11-1 lb Average – $2.97/ea (FreshCo)
Hot House Tomatoes – 77¢/lb
Seedless Cucumbers – 77¢/ea (FreshCo only)
Iceberg Lettuce – 77¢/ea
Royal Gala Apples or Packham Pears – 99¢/lb
Red or Black Plums – $1.29/lb
Hot House Red Peppers – $1.99/lb
Basa Fillets 400g (frozen) – $1.99/pk
Schneiders Juicy Jumbos Wieners 450g or Grill’ems Smoked Sausage 375g – $2.97/pk
Coca-Cola or Pepsi Soft Drinks 12 x 355ml – $2.97/pk
Tostitos Tortilla Chips 220-320g or Salsa 394-430ml – $1.97/ea
Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Entrées 201-340g, Bistro Crustini, Panini, Pizza melts 167-257g – $1.99/ea
High Liner Frozen Fish 350-700g – $3.99/pk
SunRype Juice or Slim Cocktails 1.36L – $2.49/ea
Oasis Health Break Juice 1.75L – $1.99/ea


Loblaws – see flyer
Wonder hot dog or hamburger buns pkg of 12 – $2/pk
Romaine, green or red leaf lettuce – 99¢/ea
President’s Choice® whole chicken (fresh, Air Chilled) – $2.49/lb
Nestea lemon iced tea, Fruitopia, Five Alive or Minute Maid 12 x 341ml – $2.77/pk (Jun 28-Jul 1 only)
Kellogg’s Eggo waffles, pancakes pkg of 8 (frozen) – $1.99/pk
Kashi cereal 213-496g – $3.99/ea
Schneiders Grill’ems stadium or regular size, Juicy Jumbos, Country Naturals Jumbo beef wieners or Country Naturals smoked sausages 375-500g – $2.99/pk
Schneiders Red Hots, light or Country Naturals family wieners 375/450g – $2.50/pk
Schneiders steakettes, Oktoberfest sausage or Mini-Sizzlers 375-450g (frozen) – $2.50/pk


Metro – see flyer
Dempster’s Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns 8’s or Premium Bagels pkg of 6 – $1.99/pk
D’Italiano Breads 675g – $1.99/ea
Sweet Red Peppers – $1.99/lb
Strawberries or Organic Strawberries 454g – 2 for $4
Whole White Mushrooms 454g – 2 for $4
Red or Golden Cut Watermelon – 79¢/lb
T-Bone or Wing Steak Value Pack – $5.44/lb
Coca-Cola, Canada Dry or Pepsi Soft Drinks 10-12 x 355ml – $2.99/pk
Sunrise Dessert Tofu 2 x 150g (Almond, Peach/Mango or Custard) – 99¢/pk
Barilla Pasta 454g – 99¢/pk
Post Cereal – 3 for $10
Kellogg’s Family Size Cereal – $3.99/ea


NoFrills – see flyer
Wonder+ Hot Dog Or Hamburger Buns 12′s – $2/pk
County Harvest Bread 675g – $2/ea
County Harvest Bagel 6′s – $2/pk
Raspberries 170g – $1/pk
Mangoes – 50¢/ea
Farmer’s Market™ English Cucumbers pkg of 3 – $2/pk
Royal Gala or Granny Smith Apples – $1/lb
Lychee Fruit – $2/lb
Pork Back Ribs (cryovac, pkg of 2) – $3/lb
Maple Leaf or Country Naturals Bacon 375/500g – $3/pk
Furlani Texas Toast Garlic Bread Or Sticks 12/16′s – $2/pk
Coca-Cola Or Pepsi Soft Drinks 2L – $1/ea
Maple Lodge Zabiha Halal Chicken Bologna, Wiener Or Loaf 375-450g – $1/pk
Campbell’s Condensed Soup 284ml – 67¢/ea
Chapman’s Canadian Collection Ice Cream Novelties 4-8′s (frozen) – $2/pk
Maxwell House Instant Coffee 150/200g – $3/ea
Rougemont Apple Juice 2L, Hawaiian Punch 6 x 296ml or V8 V-Fusion Juice 1.36L – $2/ea
Diana Gourmet Sauce 500ml or Marinade 375ml – $2/ea
Vlassic Pickles 1L – $2/ea
Welch’s Frozen Fruit 600g (frozen) – $3/pk
Danone Activia Yogurt 650g – $3/ea
Oasis 100% Premium Orange Juice Or Health Break Blends 1.75L – $2/ea
Dr. Oetker Panebello, Ristorante Or Casa Di Mama Pizza 325-450g (frozen) – $3/ea
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 750/890ml, Kraft Miracle Whip 650/890ml or Heinz Ketchup 1L – $3/ea
General Mills Cereal 330-500g – $3/ea


Shoppers Drug Mart – see flyer (Jun 29 to Jul 5)
Dempster’s Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 8′s – $1.99/pk
Sun-Maid Raisin Bread 450g – 2 for $5
Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine or Homestyle Frozen Entrees – $1.99/ea
Vachon Snack Cakes – 2 for $5


Target – see flyer
Select D’Italiano Buns – $1.99/pk
Select Lay’s and Tostitos Chips – 2 for $4
Select 1.66L Breyers Ice Cream – 2 for $5
Pepsi or Coca-Cola Soft Drinks 12 x 355ml – 2 for $5***
Select V8 or V-Fusion beverages – $2.49/ea
Select 330–500g General Mills Cereal – $2.99/ea
Kraft Foods BBQ sauce 455ml – 99¢/ea
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g (brick or tub) – $2/ea


Valu-mart – see flyer
Redpath or Sweet Source white sugar 2kg – $1.77/pk
Wonder hot dog or hamburger buns pkg of 12 – $2/pk
Blackberries 170g – $1.67/pk
Pork loin centre chops (boneless) – $2.99/lb
Schneiders Juicy Jumbos, Grill’ems, Country Naturals smoked sausages or wieners 300-500g – $2.99/pk
Christie crackers 100-454g – $2/ea


Walmart – see flyer
Neilson 1% Chocolate Milk 1L – $1/ea
Jumbo Cantaloupes – $2/ea
Large Honeydew Melons – $2/ea
Strawberries 1lb – $1.97/pk
Grapefruit – 77¢/ea
Fresh Pork Side Ribs – $1.88/lb
Fresh Air-Chilled Canadian Raised Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs Value Pack – $1.88/lb
Fresh Air-Chilled Canadian Raised Whole Chickens 2-Pack – $14/pk
Fruité Drinks 2L or Oasis Juice 960ml – $1/ea
Five Alive or Fruitopia Drinks 1.75L – $1/ea
Great Value Natural Spring Water 24 x 500ml – $1.47/pk
Delissio Frozen Pizza 2-Pack 1.14kg – $5.97/pk
Nestlé Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s or Bistro Frozen Entrees – $1.97/ea
Christie Cookies 280–300g or Christie Crackers 100–454g – $2/ea
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 12 x 355ml – $2.97/pk
Kraft BBQ Sauce 455ml – $1/ea
Honey Nut Fibre 1 Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch or Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Delight Cereal 430-450g – $2.97/ea



Bestco Food Mart – Scarborough (鴻華超級市場) – see flyer
Napa – 28¢/lb
Red Grape – 98¢/lb
Zucchini – 38¢/lb
Cluster Tomato – 68¢/lb
Red Pepper – 98¢/lb
Mama Squash – 38¢/lb
Grade AA Beef Sirloin Tip – $2.88/lb
BBQ Chicken Mid-Wing – $2.68/lb
Armstrong Melt Sliced Cheese 500g – $2.88/pk


Canadian Tire – see flyer
Large White Eggs 1 dozen – $2.29/pk
Armstrong Melts Processed Cheese Slices 500g – $2.49/pk (Jun 28-30 only)
Schneiders Grill’ems and Juicy Jumbos 375-450g – $2.99/pk
Primo Products – 75¢-$1.39/ea
Uncle Ray’s Chips 300g – $1.49/ea


Farm Fresh Supermarket (大世界超級市場) – see flyer
California Orange – 5 for $1 (Jun 28-30 only)
Local Napa – 18¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Avocado – 3 for $1.68 (Jun 28-30 only)
Red Apple – 68¢/lb (Jul 2 only)
US Tomato – 38¢/lb (Jul 3-4 only)
Baby Bok Choy – 77¢/lb (Jun 28-30 ony)
Live BC Crab – $4.68/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fu Yang Basa Fillet – 99¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Thai Gold Fresh Frozen Shrimp 400g (Head On) – $3.99/pk (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Salmon Fish Steak – $4.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
AA Beef Rib Eye – $2.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
BBQ Chicken Thighs (boneless & skinless) – $1.99/lb
Mr Goudas Enriched All Purpose Flour 8kg – $5.88/pk (Jun 28-30 only)
Wing Hing Soy Beverage 2L – 2 for $3


First Choice Supermarket (冠業超級市場) – see flyer
Fresh Head Lettuce – 2 for $1
Fresh Fuzzy Melon – 48¢/lb
Fresh Ataulfo Mango (case) – $4.99/pk
Fresh Romaine Lettuce – 2 for $1 (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Short Nappa – 29¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Shanghai Miu – 78¢/lb
Fresh Green Onion (bunch) – 4 for $1 (Jul 2-4 only)
Live Lobster – $4.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live White Tilapia – $3.29/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fu Yong Basa Fillet 400g – 3 for $5
Yoplait Yop Yogourt Series 200ml – 4 for $1.77
Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce 500ml – $1.88/ea
Vitasoy Shan Shui Tofu Series – 88¢/ea


FoodyMart – Warden (豐泰超級市場) – see flyer
Lychee – $1.78/lb
Large Red Grape – 98¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Short Napa – 28¢/lb
Fresh Chicken Leg – 86¢/lb
Basa Fillet 2lb – $3.68/pk
Fresh Beef Short Rib – $3.77/lb
Fresh Beef Sirloin Steak – $2.77/lb
Nong Shim Instant Noodle 5 x 120g – $1.68/pk
Sunrise Soya Beverage 1.89L – 2 for $4.88


FoodyMart – Hwy7 (豐泰超級市場) – see flyer
Mazola Corn Oil / Canola Oil 2.84L – $4.99/ea
Lychee – $1.78/lb
Fresh Short Napa – 28¢/lb
Snow Pea Sprout – $1.28/lb
Papaya – 78¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Pineapple – $1.88/ea
Fresh Chicken Leg – 86¢/lb
Seafood Platinum Basa Fillet 2lb – $3.68/pk
Fresh Beef Short Rib – $3.77/lb
BBQ Lamb Chop – $2.99/lb
Live Canada Prince Lobster – $3.98/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1.25kg – $2.97/ea
Searay Fish Tofu Series 300g – $1.88/pk
Astro Smooth’n Fruity Stirred Yogourt 12 x 100g – $2.68/pk
Schneiders Juicy Jumbos Wieners 450g – $2.98/pk
Sunrise Soya Beverage 1.89L – 2 for $4.88


Grand Fortune Food Mart (大福超級市場) – see flyer
Napa – 28¢/lb
Nai Yu Miu (Baby Bok Choy) – 88¢/lb
Red Delicious Apple – 68¢/lb
Red Plum – 98¢/lb
White Peach – 78¢/lb
Fresh Chicken Middle Wing – $2.68/lb
Thai Gold Fresh Frozen Tiger Shrimp 31/40 400g – $4.99/pk
Live Black Tilapia – $2.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live BC Crab (Double Claws) – $4.88/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live California Stripe Bass – $5.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steak – $4.88/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Grade A Pork Spare Rib – $1.78/lb
Fresh Chopped Chicken Wing – $1.58/lb
Fresh Bone-in Chicken Thigh – $1.78/lb
Fresh New York Steak – $3.98/lb
Vitasoy Black Soybean Tofu – 99¢/pk
Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce 368ml or Korean Barbecue Sauce 297ml – $1.99/ea
Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood 410ml – $1.88/ea
Tropical Grove Cocktail Drink 9 x 300ml – $1.99/pk


Highland Farms – see flyer
Villaggio Sliced Bread 675g – $1.99/ea
Sealtest Chocolate Milk 1L (Regular & With Splenda) – 99¢/ea
Villaggio Buns Crustini pkg of 8 or Stadium Size Sausage pkg of 6 – $1.99/pk
Fresh Ontario Store-Made Pork Sausages (Hot or Mild) – $1.99/lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon 6oz portions Ocean Prime Cedar Planks – pkg of 2 – $3.99/pk
Piller’s Knackwurst Sausages 600-750g – $5.99/pk


Longo’s – see flyer
Fresh Whole Seedless Watermelon (10-12lb average) – $2.97/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Fresh Sweet Red, Orange or Yellow Peppers – $1.99/lb
Fresh Large Eggplants – 99¢/lb
Coca-Cola, Sprite or Canada Dry Soft Drinks 12 x 355ml – $2.99/pk
Black Diamond Cheese Slices 500g – $2.99/pk
Heinz Ketchup 1L – $2.99/ea


Oriental Food Mart – Scarborough (華盛超級市場) – see flyer
Redpath Sugar – $1.88/pk
Butter Croissant – 6 for $1.59
Ataulfo Mango (case) – $4.99/pk
Head Lettuce – 2 or $1
Sweet Seedless Orange – 69¢/lb
No. 1 Red Delicious Apple – 69¢/lb
Yellow Nectarine – 79¢/lb
Celery (bunch) – 69¢/ea
Lime – 15 for $1
Winter Melon – 49¢/lb
Angus Beef Rib Eye – $2.99/lb
New York Steak – $3.99/lb
Live Tilapia – $2.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Oasis Orange Juice 1.75L – $1.99/ea (Jun 28-30 only)


Oriental Food Mart – Markham (華盛超級市場) – see flyer
Shanghai Bok Choy – 38¢/lb
Golden Apple – 78¢/lb
Papaya – 78¢/lb
Mama Squash – 38¢/lb
Snow Pea Tip – $1.28/lb (Jul 1-4 only)
Live Lobster 1.25-2lb (single clamp) – $4.99/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
BC Crab (double clamp) – $4.88/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Beef Sirloin Tip – $2.78/lb
Pork Chop – $1.29/lb
Ground Pork – 66¢/lb (Jul 1-4 only)
Black Diamond Cheese Stick 168g – $1.59/pk
Primo Pasta 900g – 99¢/ea
Arizona Lemon Tea (case) – $2.99/pk


Real Canadian Superstore – see flyer
PC ® Gigantico ™ hot dog or hamburger buns pkg of 6/8 (white or whole wheat) – $1.88/pk (Jun 28-30 only)
Blueberries 2lb Clamshell – $3.97/pk
Kraft Singles cheese slices 500g or Cheez Whiz 450g – $2.77/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Coca-Cola or Pepsi soft drinks 24 x 355ml – $5.97/pk
Vachon Snack Cakes 252-336g – $2/pk
Allen’s cocktail 1L – 88¢/ea
Post Great Grains or General Mills Chex cereal 365-453g – $3.47/ea
So Good soy beverage 1.89L – $3.28/ea
Bick’s whole pickles 1L – $2/ea
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce 425ml – $2/ea
Maille mustard 250ml – $2/ea


Sobeys – see flyer (Jun 27 to Jul 3)
Sensations by Compliments Exra Meaty Pork Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Pork Side Ribs (Value Pack) – $2.77/lb
Beef Back Ribs or Beef Short Ribs (Fresh) – $2.77/lb
Coca-Cola or Pepsi Soft Drinks 12 x 355ml – $2.97/pk
Kraft Singles Cheese Slices 500g – $2.99/pk
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 750-890ml or Kraft Miracle Whip 650-890ml – $2.99/ea
Maple Leaf Original Hot Dogs 450g – 3 for $5
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce 425ml – $1.99/ea
Christie Snacking or Ritz Crackers 140-454g – $1.67/ea
Kellogg’s Children’s Cereals or Post Shreddies Cereal 320-550g – $2.99/ea


Sunny Foodmart – Markham (陽光超級市場) – see flyer
Fresh Golden Corn – 7 for $1.97
Fresh Black Plum – 97¢/lb
Fresh Romaine Lettuce – 2 for 97¢
Fresh Dragon Fruit – $1.27/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live Abalone – $2.97/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Live Canada’s East Coast No. 1 Lobster (1-9lb) – $4.77/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Basa Fillet 5lb (frozen) – $6.97/pk
Fresh Beef Inside Round Steak – $2.97/lb
Tilapia Fillet 1pc – 47¢/pk (Jul 3 only)
Chewy / Swan Brand Dried Rice Stick 500g – $1.77/ea
Spam Luncheon Meat 340g – $2.97/ea
Swanson Chicken Broth 412ml – 77¢/ea


T&T Supermarket – GTA (大統華超級市場) – see flyer
Mazola Corn Oil/Canola Oil 2.84L – $4.98/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Enoki Mushroom Box (Organic) – 2 for $1.98 (Jun 28-30 only)
Lychee – $1.68/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
A Grade Chicken Wing – $1.88/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live PEI Mussel – $1/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
AA Grade Beef Short Ribs – $3.98/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Danone Activia Yogurt 8 x 100g – $2.99/pk
Arizona Green Tea-Jar 3.78L – $2.99/ea
T&T Tofu 425/567g – 99¢/pk
Amoy Dim Sum (13gx8s, 13gx10s) – 5 for $10
Hung Fook Tong Drinks 500ml – 99¢/ea


T&T Supermarket – Milliken (大統華超級市場) – see flyer
Mazola Corn Oil/Canola Oil 2.84L – $4.98/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Chinese Fuji Apple – 88¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Cauliflower – 98¢/ea (Jun 28-30 only)
Chinese Eggplant – 68¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Color Bell Pepper – 98¢/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
A Grade Chicken Wing – $1.88/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Live PEI Mussel – $1/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
AA Grade Beef Short Ribs – $3.98/lb (Jun 28-30 only)
Danone Activia Yogurt 8 x 100g – $2.99/pk
Arizona Green Tea-Jar 3.78L – $2.99/ea
T&T Tofu 425/567g – 99¢/pk
Amoy Dim Sum (13gx8s, 13gx10s) – 5 for $10
Hung Fook Tong Drinks 500ml – 99¢/ea


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